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Prof. Jean Chambaz


Jean Chambaz has served as president at University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris (former UPMC, now Sorbonne University), from March 2012. MD by training, he was awarded a doctorate in sciences at UPMC in 1988. After a post-doctoral fellowship at Boston University, he was hired as professor at UPMC in 1992. He is currently professor of cell biology at the Faculty of Medicine Pierre and Marie Curie. In 1999, he created a research unit in the field of intestinal metabolism, which merged in 2007 into the Research Center of Cordeliers. 

Jean Chambaz was elected at a scientific committee (1990-1994) and at the scientific council of the French national health agency Inserm (1995-1998), and served as adviser at the biology and medicine department of the research direction at the French ministry in charge of research and higher education (1998, 2000-2022). He served as Vice-President for research (2008-2011) and for ways and means (2011-2012) at UPMC. In the field of doctoral education, he created and headed successively a doctoral school in physiology (2001-2005) and the Institute of Doctoral Training at UPMC, which awards about 700 doctorates a year (2005-2008). He was the first chair of the Council for Doctoral Education (CDE) launched by the European University Association (2008-2011).

Term of office: 2015-2019

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