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Porto (copyright U.Porto Rectory)

3rd EUA Funding Forum

Efficient universities: Value for society

The Funding Forum is a unique, inclusive platform open to all higher education funding stakeholders – universities and students, public authorities, public and private funders and partners.

Hosted by University of Porto, Porto, Portugal

6 - 7 October 2016

  • For the third time, universities, public authorities and partners come together to take stock of and discuss the latest funding trends, opportunities and challenges of the sector.

    This year’s Forum will focus on the crucial issues of delivering value to society and efficient university management. At a time when public finances are under increased pressure, funding models for universities are being revised with the perspective of rationalising expenditure and generating greater added value and increase the efficiency of the sector. In many European countries, it is becoming highly relevant for the university sector to show and quantify its contribution to society, in social but also economic terms.

    Some of the questions that will keep participants busy:

    • How can efficiency strategies reinforce the university’s capacity to deliver on its core missions?
    • How can the contribution of universities to society be assessed, let alone measured?
    • Should universities communicate on their economic added value? And if so, how?
    • What are the expectations of funders and policy makers? What are successful policies to increase efficiency?
    • How to develop a productive dialogue at system level?
    • What is the future of European funding?
    • How can universities explore new partnerships and diversify their funding streams?

    A biennial event, the Funding Forum is a unique, inclusive platform open to all higher education funding stakeholders – university leaders and managers, researchers, students, public authorities, public and private funders & partners.

    Find out more about EUA’s Funding Forum and its previous editions here.

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  • About the University of Porto

    Founded in 1911, the University of Porto (U.Porto) is a benchmark institution for higher education and scientific research in Portugal.

    The U.Porto combines high quality education focused on individual vocations and talents as well as market needs, with the claim to being the greatest birthplace of science in Portugal. It is committed to converting talent and innovation into social assets.

    The U.Porto has the richest academic community in Portugal and brings together the country´s highest ranked students, a highly qualified scientific and teaching staff and a growing number of international students, teachers and researchers.

    Being open to the community and business is the main trademark of the U.Porto. The University itself is an important driving force for economic, social, cultural and scientific development in Northern Portugal and in the country as a whole.

    About Porto

    Ribeira  (copyright U.Porto Rectory)Located in the north of Portugal, between the Atlantic beaches and the famous River Douro terraces, Porto and its urban area have a population of over 1.3 million. It is Portugal’s second largest city and one of the country’s leading economic and industrial centres.

    Porto’s history is strongly linked to trade and love of freedom – so much so, that it is called Cidade Invicta (Undefeated City). Porto is known around the world for the charms of its historic centre (UNESCO World Heritage since 1996), port wine, its generous gastronomy and the unrivalled hospitality of its inhabitants.

    Whilst proud of its history, its medieval winding streets and the countless monuments scattered around the city, 21st century Porto is also dynamic and constantly being upgraded. This vitality is clear in all the green spaces and sports grounds in the city, in its comprehensive public transport system and in its busy cultural offer and nightlife.

    Over the last few years, Porto has also become a reference for visitors from all over the world, lured by the city’s many delights: an early walk beside the river on a sunny day; lunch in Praça da Ribeira alongside the cube artwork and the pigeons; a walk through the historic centre ending in climbing the iconic Clérigos Tower; dinner followed by a tour of the city’s bars; and of course the charms of a University deeply rooted in the city.

    If you need another reason to come to Porto, here it is: in 2014 Porto was chosen for the second time as “Best European Destination” by European Consumers Choice, Europe’s greatest tourism platform.

    © U.Porto Rectory

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