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Doctoral Programmes in Europe: Access, Recruitment and Admission

Fondation Universitaire, Rue d'Egmont 11, Brussels

11 - 12 October 2007

EUA invited people to a workshop focused on the development of doctoral education in Europe. The topic of the workshop was Access, Recruitment and Admission to Doctoral Programmes.

The workshop provided insights into access, recruitment and admission practices used at universities to attract the best doctoral candidates. The issues for discussions were:

1.  Transparency of recruitment and admission procedures

access to information including information on internal and external funding opportunities; access to doctoral education from a gender and social perspective; entry requirements.

2.  Recruitment strategies and practices (from an academic and an administrative points of view)

selection and admission to doctoral programmes; registration of doctoral candidates.

3.  Access and recruitment of European and international students.

The main objective of the workshop was the exchange of good practice examples from various universities across Europe. Participants had a chance to work in plenary sessions as well as in small working groups in order to give everybody a chance to present their experience and views.

Please click here pdf.gif to read the workshop final report.

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