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Workshop for senior university leaders and managers:
Building Productive Relationships in a New Stakeholder Environment
Organised by EUA, HUMANE and the UK's Leadership Foundation
Hosted by the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria
4-5 December 2008

Third European Quality Assurance Forum:
Trends in Quality Assurance
Hosted by the Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary
20-22 November 2008

EUA Autumn Conference 2008:
Inclusive and responsive universities - ensuring Europe's competitiveness in the knowledge society
Hosted by Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
23-25 October 2008

EUA-CDE Conference:
EUA Council for Doctoral Education Launch Conference
University of Lausanne, Switzerland
1-3 June 2008

EUA Spring Conference 2008:
The Governance of European Universities Post 2010 (II): Enhancing Institutional Mission and Profiles
Hosted by the University of Barcelona, Spain
27-29 March 2008

EUA Experts Conference:
Towards Financially Sustainable Higher Education Institutions
Brussels, Belgium
7-8 February 2008

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