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Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus University of BudapestCorvinus University of Budapest, with its more than 17,000 students and 1,500 employees, is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Hungary. In its professional fields, it plays a crucial role in defining and developing the quality of higher education in Hungary and represents high standards of academic excellence at home as well as abroad.

At the institution, the most various fields are taught and the University strives to exploit the possibilities of synergy among them. The University has seven faculties (Business Administration, Economics, Food Science, Horticultural Sciences, Landscape Architecture, Public Administration, and Social Sciences). There are eight accredited doctoral schools operating at Corvinus University of Budapest which have achieved high academic prestige. It is also a great challenge for the University to join the process of the European higher education reform and to obtain a favourable position in the international system of higher education in transition.

It is very important for Corvinus University of Budapest to appear prepared in the European Higher Education Area. The main aim is to maintain and strengthen existing international relations as well as to develop new ones, to take part in international networks and to establish joint programmes that provide the students with a double or a joint degree. At the moment the University has long-term agreements with over two hundred universities from all over the world. These agreements are generally designed to enhance student and teaching staff mobility and joint research activities.

Corvinus University of Budapest is a member of major organisations and associations of European universities as well as in associations outside Europe. Corvinus University of Budapest is a member of CEMS (the “elite group” of the Community of European Management Schools) and it was also accepted in PIM (Program in International Management) which is an exclusive worldwide organisation of business schools. Courses taught in foreign languages have extraordinary importance in international relations, as the University’s extensive foreign relations are based on these programmes. Corvinus University of Budapest is an active participant of the EU-financed programmes (Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Jean Monnet), which enable research, mobility, curriculum development, intensive programmes and internships.

The University often serves as a location for international and national academic conferences and also as a “meeting point” for prominent personalities in the economic and business field.
The University has always paid great attention to following the most modern trends in science and education. Besides, given the basic business orientation of the institution, Corvinus University also strives for a fruitful co-operation with the private sector in terms of research and development.
In 2005, the University received the European Quality Label in recognition of its decentralised projects/mobility activities in the framework of the European Educational programmes. The institution also takes parts in a quality management programme based on the National Development Plan co-financed by the European Union.

The 3rd European Quality Assurance Forum will take place in the Historic building which is the most representative building of the University and in the New building which has been operative since 2007. Both buildings are situated in the very heart of Budapest. 

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