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All hotel bookings must be arranged by participants themselves. 

Block reservations for Forum participants and accompanying guests have been made at special rates in several hotels of different categories.

We advise all delegates to book their hotels directly referring  “EQAF 2008”  and well in advance. After 1st of October 2008 the organisers cannot guarantee availability of rooms.  

Please consult the Accomodation section to learn more about the different hotels and the price reductions we offer.  

The 'Getting around' section gives more information on how to find your way in Budapest city.

The online registration form also allows to subscribe for the social activities. An overview of the social activities for participants and companions is available on the 'Social programme' section. 

Once you arrive in Budapest, the 'Good to know' section will offer you some advise on useful information.


We advise all delegates to book their hotels directly referring  “EQAF 2008”  and well in advance. After1st of October 2008 the organisers cannot guarantee availability of rooms.  

1. HOTEL RAMADA BUDAPEST ****                             
Address: 30-34 Tompa Street 
Tel: (+36) -  1 – 477 - 7200

Web: Visit the hotel website

Distance from venue:  20 minutes walk or public transport
Standard twin or double rooms: 77 EUR/room/night (single use)
                                                   88 EUR/room/night (double use)

Map: View the Google Map

2. BEST WESTERN HOTEL ART***               
Address: 12, Királyi Pál str. 
Tel: (+36) – 1 - 2662166
Web: Visit the Hotel website

Distance from venue: 10 minutes walk
Price:     Single room: 60 EUR/room/night
              Double room: 80 EUR/room/night
              Double room (single use): 70 EUR/room/night
Map: View the Google Map

 3. ELTE PEREGRINUS HOTEL***                  
Address: Szerb str. 3.
Tel: (+36) -1-266-49-11
Web: Visit the hotel website

Distance from venue: 15 minutes walk
Price:     Single room: 65,57 EUR/room/night
              Double room (single use): 73 EUR/room/night
              Double room (double use): 91 EUR/room/night
Map: View the Google Map

4. DANUBIUS HOTEL ERZSÉBET *** +                            
Address: Károlyi Mihály str.11-15.
Tel: (+ 36) -  1 - 889-3746

Web:Visit the Hotel website 
Distance from venue: 15 minutes walk
Price: Standard double room (single and double use): 60 EUR/room/night
Map: View the Google Map

5. DANUBIUS HOTEL ASTORIA****                             
Address: Kossuth Lajos str. 19-21.
Tel: (+ 36) -  1 - 889-6000
Web: Visit the hotel website

Distance from venue: 20 minutes walk
Price:     Double Economy: 72 EUR (single and double use)
              Double Standard: 86 EUR (single and double use)

Map: View the Google Map

6. DANUBIUS HOTEL GELLÉRT ****                             
Address: Szent Gellért square 1.
Tel: (+36) -  1 -  889-5500

Web: Visit the hotel website 

Distance from venue:  15 minutes walk through to the Liberty Bridge till the conference venue
Price:     Renovated double rooms: 110 EUR (single use)
              Renovated double rooms: 140 EUR (double use)

Map: click here to view Google Map

Address: 14, Kecskeméti str. 
Tel: (+36) – 1 - 4868800
Web: Visit the hotel website

Distance from venue: 10 minutes walk
Price:      Standard single room: 90 EUR/room/night
               Standard double room: 107 EUR/room/night
Map: View the Google Map  

Getting around

Transfer from the Airport to your Hotel

The Air Traffic and Airport Administration (LRI) offers its Airport Minibus-Service at very reasonable prices to take you to any address in Budapest with their comfortable 8-seaters. The fare between the Airport and the city is HUF 2.990,– per person (EUR 12,70). Please purchase tickets at the LRI AIRPORT PASSENGER SERVICE counters in the Arrivals Hall.

Local Public Transport

Budapest Public TransportBudapest has the most comprehensive public transport system including buses, trams, metro/underground lines. The three metro lines are the yellow (nr.1), the red (nr.2), and the blue (nr.3.). The centre of the metro lines is Deák Square (DEÁK TÉR).

The main bus lines have night services that run between 11 pm and 4.30 am.
You need to buy your ticket before travelling and validate it on the vehicle. Bus, metro and tram drivers do not sell tickets. 
Metro tickets are sold at the station entrance and must be validated before getting on the escalator. You can buy a whole range of tickets and passes.

Single tickets: valid for 60 minutes for 1 journey, no change of line permitted: 270 HUF (EUR 1,15)
Metro section tickets: 30 minutes one-way travelling, for max 3 stops: 220 HUF (EUR 0,93)
Metro transfer tickets: 60 minutes travelling with one change of line on the metro: 420 HUF (EUR 1,78)
There are also 10 ticket discount coupon book: 2.350 HUF (EUR 10.-)
Please always keep your ticket to ready show the controllers.


Taxis are of course more pricey than public transport. It is always better to phone for a taxi than hail one in the street: the service is more reliable and cheaper.

Names and phone numbers of taxi companies:
Budataxi             (36 1)   233 3333 
Budapest Taxi:   (36 1)   433 3333 
Citytaxi:              (36 1)   211 1111

Budapest through its restaurants and bars

You can find small restaurants and cafes all over the city, also near to the University. In the evenings you will probably want to check out the following bases: at Ráday street, at Jókai square, at Liszt Ferenc square. They are packed with cafés and restaurants. If you are in search of international cuisine and fancy confectionery, the best choices are: at Andrássy út, and along the Nagykörút. 
Fast food is popular also.
Do try the Hungarian cuisine: it is wonderful!


Social Programme

Participants and companions can subscribe to the social programme through the online registration form. Transport to and from the hotels will be provided for all the social activities.

                • Social programme for all participants
                • Optional tours after the conference and for companions
                        The Treasures of Buda and the Danube Bridges
                        Pest – On the Streets of World Heritage
                        Budapest – City of Spas
                        Multi-coloured Pest
                        In the Regal Countryside of the Danube Bend

                • Conditions for city tours


Good to know


The official currency is the Hungarian FORINT. The coins in use are 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 forints. Banknotes come in denominations of 200, 500, 1000, 10 000, 20 000.
Money can be exchanged in banks or ATMs (which you can find abundance in city centre). The exchange rate does not vary a great deal but it is still a good idea to check two or three places before the transaction. Most banks do not charge commission but pay you the exact amount according to the exchange rate. However, certain bank machines situated in the most attractive spots of the city centre may charge 2 or 3 % commission. There are a growing number of places that accept the most popular credit cards such as American Express, Mastercard, Eurocard, Visa, etc. Travellers’ cheques can be cashed in banks but are not accepted in shops. The EURO is not in use, but in certain places you will see prices quoted in Euros for comparison purposes. 
Exchange rate: 236 HUF/EUR (on 26 June, 2008)


Stores are generally open from 10 am to 6 pm. Stores in shopping malls are open until 8 or 9 pm.


Hungarians tip barmen, restaurant waiters, taxi drivers, hotel staff etc., unless service is included in the bill. The Hungarian word for tip is BORRAVALO, and tips are about 10 % of the bill.

Medical Care

The free number for the ambulance service is: 104
The general emergency number, as for the rest of Europe, is: 112
Hungarian doctors are famous throughout the world for their expertise, so you can trust them no matter what. You can find a pharmacy near the University.
However, we suggest you also take out travel insurance.


The free number for the police is: 107
The Hungarian police wear grey and blue uniforms and drive white and blue cars.


European University Association (EUA)

Brussels office:
Avenue de l’Yser, 24
1040 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0) 2 230 55 44

Geneva office:
114, Rue du Rhône
Case postale 3174
1211 Geneva 3
Tel: +41 22 552 02 96