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Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Faculté de Médecine 
avenue Rockefeller, 8 
69373, Lyon Cedex 08   

University of Lyon IThe University of Lyon 1 is situated on 14 geographical sites covering 75.5 hectares in the city of Lyon and in the surrounding area. The University contributes greatly  to the development of this region through its partnerships with local and national companies and the regional authorities.

Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University is France’s 4th university, the 1st for health sciences and the second in Lifelong Learning.
Lyon 1 has almost 35 000 students and is proud to number a large proportion of foreign students (12% of its students, of 125 nationalities). Nearly 80% of students opt for vocational programmes: Lyon 1 produces no less than 9 250 graduates per year.
The study programmes on offer in the health sciences faculties give access to all the medical professions (doctor of medicine, pharmacist, dentist, midwife) and paramedical professions (audioprosthesist, ergotherapist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, orthoptist, physiotherapist specialised in psychomotor integration).
Lyon 1’s science sector also offers a vast choice of subjects: the DUT diploma provides training in 17 areas of expertise for future technical managers. 40 vocational degrees prepare students for middle management jobs. 110 master’s degrees (vocational, research or combined vocational and research) prepare students for senior management jobs or for work in research and development. Lyon 1 also offers a very high standard of specialised vocational training in engineering and actuarial sciences. There are also 12 degree level science majors, 4 degree level sport majors.University of Lyon 1 b
Lyon 1 prepares the future of its students in sciences, technology, health in collaboration with research institutions, industry, professionals, other universities and Hautes Ecoles in the region of Lyon under the label “University of Lyon”.

Under the European Universities’ Charter on Lifelong Learning, the university welcomes 13 000 learners per year.

Lyon 1 is a multidisciplinary university specialising in both fundamental and applied research and as such it can boast more than 2 500 internationally published articles and 14 patents per year. The University has 84 state-funded research units which are committed to more than 80 European Union projects in three fields: health, environment and material technologies.

Of course Lyon1 is committed in a major Quality Programme in collaboration with the Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education.


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