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Short description of the University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is characterised by its high standards in education, internationally competitive research and entrepreneurial approach. It was founded in 2003 after the merger of three university institutions previously known as RUCA, UFSIA and UIA. Their roots go back to 1852. The University of Antwerp has about 14.000 students, which makes it the third largest university in Flanders. Over 1.200 international students (exchange students not included) are registered at the UA. The University of Antwerp forms the backbone of the Antwerp University Association (AUHA), a strategic collaboration with four university colleges in the city of Antwerp.

The University of Antwerp has 7 faculties in Applied Economics, Arts and Philosophy, Law, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Political and Social Sciences and Sciences.
The Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB), the Antwerp Management School (AMS) and the Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp (ITMMA) have an autonomous, faculty-like status. Doctoral programmes are available in most faculties.
The University has 4 campuses situated in the historic city centre and in the green belt to the south of the city.

The University of Antwerp pays continuous attention to education innovation, and takes special care of the reception and supervision of its students. The University of Antwerp is not an island on its own: it forms a bridge to education, industry and the entire society. With its four thousand employees, the University of Antwerp is one of the most important employers in Antwerp, the biggest city in Flanders.

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Short description of Artesis University College Antwerp

Artesis University College Antwerp is one of the largest university colleges in Belgium in terms of budget, staff and student population. We are particularly proud to have the widest range of subjects on offer in Antwerp, in fact, almost everything from fine arts to engineering sciences, and from music, dance and drama to health care. Our goal is to link, mix and interconnect this formidable range of assets to create added value in the fields of education, research and development of the arts. As such, Artesis wants to contribute to an innovative society through the development of the talents of all its students. Quality, personal guidance, engagement, pluralism and orientation towards general culture are the values Artesis stands for.  

Artesis University College Antwerp offers students an international learning environment. 8% of our student population comes from abroad. We cooperate with numerous European colleagues and institutions, but are also heavily involved in initiatives and projects in developing countries. This international cooperation is carried out in the fields of student and teacher mobility, as well as in curriculum development and research.

The history of some of Artesis’s faculties goes back a long way, as for example that of the Faculty of Fine Arts, which was established in 1661, and that of the Faculty of dance, music and drama, set up in 1898.

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