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Fifth EUA-CDE Workshop
Supporting Individual Paths of Doctoral Candidates - Experience, Skills, Guidance

Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Ireland
12-13 January 2012

Hamilton BuildingThis workshop will examine how institutions can support the individual development of doctoral candidates by ensuring they have access to a wide range of research experiences and exposure to different environments, sufficient transferable skills training and guidance tailored to individual needs.

The crucial requirement for high quality doctoral education remains a dynamic and motivating research environment, including resources intended to endow doctoral candidates with the skills, competence and awareness that are necessary to embark on the particular, and possibly varied, career path of their choice. The central questions which the workshop will address are: how can institutions support and encourage the individual choices of doctoral candidates? How can we develop researcher profiles that are flexible, original and suited for future careers and tasks that may not be easily foreseen? The workshop will focus on three areas:

  • Providing experience in various environments: exposure to non-university sectors, such as industry and commerce, as well as to other disciplines, exploring opportunities for doctoral candidates to collaborate with other sectors and promoting interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Transferable skills: how to train and raise awareness about using skills outside a narrow academic environment, support creative thinking, promote a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation while seeking to widen the career perspectives of doctoral candidates.
  • Appropriate mentoring, supervision and career guidance: sharing good practice in terms of developing a customised supportive approach for doctoral candidates.


The workshop will be aimed at strategic institutional leaders in doctoral education such as vice rectors and heads of doctoral schools.

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Trinity College Dublin (TCD)







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