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Sixth EUA-CDE Annual Meeting
From Student to Researcher – are we on the right track?

Hosted by the University of Warsaw, Poland
18-19 June 2013


The trend is clear: structured doctoral education is becoming the norm for doctoral education. Universities have introduced doctoral schools and taught courses; they are monitoring the progress of doctoral candidates and quality of supervision and research in doctoral programmes. At the same time, new legislation is being drafted or implemented across the continent. There are new requirements for the institutional management of doctoral education, and quality assurance agencies and research assessments are taking a more specific interest in the area. This is a good time to ask: are we keeping focus on the goal of doctoral education, to make students into researchers? Are we on the right track?

The Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education is the largest gathering of all stakeholders in the field of doctoral education in Europe. It will provide ample opportunities for open discussions of challenges and opportunities between colleagues from all over Europe. There will be learning opportunities for newcomers to the field of doctoral education as well as a master class for the ‘veterans’ of the field.


The conference aims specifically at opening discussions between different stakeholders such as university leaders, researchers, political decision-makers, funding organisations, quality assurance agencies and all others interested in the development of doctoral education.

Hosted by

University of Warsaw



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