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English is the official language of the workshop. No simultaneous translation will be provided.


The local time in Izmir is Eastern European Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC +2


Izmir is located in the western part of Turkey by the Aegean Coast. Average temperatures in January range from 8°C to 17°C. Please find an online weather forecast service here.


The currency used in Izmir is the Turkish Lira (TRY). Euros and US dollars are also accepted in many tourist areas. Public transport only accepts Turkish Lira.

Telephone instructions

To call Turkey you have to dial 00 + 90 + City Area Code (232) + Number you wish to call.
Emergencies: 112
Police: 155

Post office

The closest post office is located at the following address:
Alsancak Mah.Cumhuriyet Cd.No.434 Konak/Izmir
Tel: +90 232 46 40 141


There are many pharmacies in the city centre, please ask at the Registration Desk for more information.

Electricity voltage

The electrical voltage in Turkey is 220 volts. You need continental-type plugs which have two round prongs. If you bring 110-volt devices, you will need a voltage converter, unless your appliance is designed to also work with 220 volts electricity (dual voltage). Voltage converters could be difficult to find in Turkey, so remember to buy one before you arrive in Izmir.

Car hire

Car hire companies can be found at the airport. The offices are located inside the multi-storey car park and in the arrival lounge.

Tel: +90 444 30 09

Tel: +90 232 274 1790

Hertz Rent Car
Tel: +90 232 27 43 610


Smoking in Turkey is banned in all indoor spaces such as government offices, workplaces, bars, restaurants, cafés, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and all forms of public transport, including trains, taxis and ferries.

European University Association (EUA)

Brussels office:
Avenue de l’Yser, 24
1040 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0) 2 230 55 44

Geneva office:
114, Rue du Rhône
Case postale 3174
1211 Geneva 3
Tel: +41 22 552 02 96