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The province of Bergamo, situated in the eastern Lombardy region, provides a combination of culturalPorta Nuova_ph Mazzoleni and artistic history as well as modern developments. The city is divided into two parts: “Città alta” (upper city), a hilltop medieval town, and the “Città bassa” (lower city), where the shopping district is located. The two parts of the city are connected by funicular, roads and footpaths. The old medieval structure is still intact in the city and you can see narrow streets, tall houses with picturesque windows and doors, and often secret passages, within the old Venetian walls.

Music plays an important role in Bergamo’s history. 
The large Romanesque Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore has had a very strong tradition of singing and music teaching for over eight hundred years.

For those who are interested in sport, Bergamo and its province are perfect destinations. The valleys, Val Brembana and Val Seriana, offer numerous ski slopes that are served by a large network of ski lifts. The Lakes of Lombardy are a great location for doing water sports, a boat trip, as well as visiting the surrounding little villages. Bergamo is famous for its cheeses, wine and olive oil.


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