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The University of Bergamo

University of Bergamo_Dimitri Salvi

The existence of a large university structure in the city of Bergamo dates back to 1961 with the opening of the High College of Journalism and Audiovisual Media, a two year post-graduate school.  Despite it lasting for only a short period of time, it paved the way for the creation of the University of Bergamo.

The University of Bergamo has six faculties: Economics; Educational Studies; Engineering; Foreign Languages and Literature; Humanities; and Law. The university offers 14 three-year  degree courses, 15 two-year  degree courses, three two-year  degree courses taught in English, and a single cycle second level degree (five-year) in Law.

The university offers many opportunities to students such as foreign exchanges (the percentage of Erasmus programme exchanges is among the highest in Italy), internships with companies and organisations based not only locally but in the rest of Italy and the world, apprenticeships, tutoring, preliminary study courses, and post-graduate specialisation courses.

The strengths of the University of Bergamo are the wide range of courses offered (also through E-learning projects), the numerous laboratories available to students, and the research centres.

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