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CopenhagenCopenhagen has a history as one of the great design capitals of the world. A city steeped in history, so evident and beautifully preserved in its medieval streets and 17th century canals, sumptuous palaces, copper-roofed town houses and atmospheric cobbled squares, Copenhagen is nonetheless a city that has never stood still.

All of the delegates and attendees will also find themselves among some of the world’s most stunning modern architecture and interiors, which sit naturally alongside monuments of a bygone age in this beautiful capital city with its canals and seaside front


Copenhagen 2Denmark and its capital city are proud of their environmental record as not only one of the safest, but also as one of the cleanest and most comfortable cities in the world. The crystal-clear waters and clean air of this capital city by the sea provide a comfortable environment for all its visitors.

The ease of movement around the city and the modern facilities available to all visitors makes this an incredibly comfortable city and environment within which to conduct business in the most relaxed atmosphere. This has also proven true according to the recent survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Business Environment Rankings 2008, where Denmark is classified as being the best place worldwide to conduct business.


For the second consecutive year Denmark leads the ranking in the World Economic Forum’s assessment of the IT competences in 127 countries. Denmark is ranked best in the use of computers, the Internet and mobile telephony.

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