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Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education 

4 – 5 June 2009, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

The Amphimax building


University of Lausanne Switzerland
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The EUA-CDE welcomes all interested from higher education institutions and stakeholders in Europe and beyond to its annual conference.

Since the inclusion of doctoral studies as the third Bologna cycle, European universities have engaged in a far-reaching reform of their doctoral programmes. We find ourselves at a time when the ideas of reform are being implemented within the individual institutions, raising many questions about structures and quality, but also providing a wealth of practices and experiences. The ambition of the CDE is to monitor this process and provide those engaged in the reforms with a place to meet and exchange ideas and experiences.

The annual meeting will provide the possibility to discuss further the issues that the CDE has touched upon during the year: amongst others: supervision, research careers, internationalisation and data collection as well as providing a forum for thoughts about the coming challenges to doctoral education. It will be an occasion to catch up with the rapid reforms of European doctoral programmes, to raise ideas and opinions about the future and not least to meet colleagues and friends.

The structure of the meeting will be evenly organised with plenary sessions and thematic discussion groups to allow the broadest possible sharing of practices and ideas. There will be open spaces for debates and exchange and the possibility to make concrete proposals for future activities and priorities of the CDE.

For those unfamiliar with the CDE and its activities, this will be an opportunity to engage and make themselves acquainted with the council and its members.

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