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Enhancing of Supervision: Professional Development and Assessment of Supervisors

8 – 9 January 2009, Hosted by the Imperial College London, UK


Imperial College LondonThe profound changes in European doctoral education present a challenge to those engaged in the organisation of doctoral programmes as well as to the individual supervisors. The introduction of structured programmes with more explicit rights and duties of both doctoral candidates and supervisors, 3 – 4 year time-frame to doctoral degree as well as calls for interdisciplinarity and attention to transferable skills demand introduction of new supervision practices, methods and procedures and new ways of their assessment.

This workshop aims at introducing practical examples of models of professional development of supervisors leading to higher effectiveness and quality of supervision. It also focuses on supervisory structures in different contexts as well as means of assessment. It will function as a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and good practice examples between different institutions.

The issues will include:

  • Professional development (training) of supervisors: how can supervisors get the right tools that respond to the needs of the doctoral candidates and the strategy of the doctoral programme?
  • Supervision assessment: what procedures exist to monitor and evaluate the quality of supervision?
  • Supervision and disciplinary differences: how can differences in supervision style and traditions between the disciplines be a source of inspiration and improvement?

These issues will each be addressed by two different speakers from different countries, which will give the background for discussion. On each topic, the participants will be divided into smaller groups to ensure everyone to give an active contribution, after which the groups will rejoin in a plenary debate.

The participants, a maximum of 80 persons, will be supervisors, Heads of Doctoral/Graduate/Research Schools or programmes and human resource professionals in universities.

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