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Structuring Doctoral Programmes - a means for continuous improvement

10-11 December 2009

University of Zagreb, Croatia


University of Zagreb CroatiaThe introduction of structured programmes in doctoral education has unquestionably been one of the most important developments in European higher education in the last years. Universities all over Europe have established either doctoral schools or programmes and many are in the process of setting up structures and defining institutional strategies for doctoral education.

The landscape that we see unfold in these years is a very diverse one – and how could it be otherwise with the rich diversity of European higher education? Some institutions choose to erect common structures, at times crossing national boundaries, to attain critical mass, while other institutions build small, specialised units that favour close, often interdisciplinary co-operation. Setting up these structures poses a number of challenges: how to reach critical mass, the balance between taught elements and the crucial research element, how to engage faculty and doctoral candidates, as well as the fundamental questions of what needs to be structured and how to implement regulations and be accountable while protecting creativity?

It is time to reflect on this ongoing process, collect experiences and share ideas on all stages from setting up a structure for doctoral education to the daily challenges of running well-established programmes. For this reason, the EUA-CDE invites its members to the workshop “Structuring doctoral programmes: a means for continuous improvement”. This workshop will be a forum for discussions based on concrete examples from the membership showing the possibilities and problems of structuring doctoral education.

University of Zagreb

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