Who has participated?

The IEP anniversary publication entitled “A twenty-year contribution to institutional change: EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme” (2014) brings together a series of papers and articles that have been provided by a panel of authors who have been involved with the Programme over the last two decades.

These contributions trace IEP’s history, how it has evolved, some of its principal achievements, and also look at possible developments in the future. Several authors, meanwhile, look more specifically at the impact of IEP at institutional and also system-level (concrete examples are provided from individual universities and from the system-level reviews including Ireland and Portugal).

To date, IEP evaluation teams have carried out nearly 400 evaluations and follow-up evaluations of diverse higher education institutions in 45 countries worldwide.

This PDF file lists all the institutions that have participated in the Institutional Evaluation Programme since 1994. The list is grouped alphabetically by country.

All final evaluation reports from 2009 onwards are available here.

To read about the experiences of institutions which participated in IEP in their own words, visit this page.