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Launch Conference of the European Education Policy Network, 11 January 2007, Cambridge University, UK

01 December 2006

The European Education Policy Network is a forum for policymakers and policy researchers across Europe to discuss and analyse European policy affecting education. The one-day launch conference aims to bring together researchers and policymakers to identify and explore the underlying themes, principles and objectives of European-level policy developments in education, and to discuss current approaches and emerging trends in academic research into European educational policy. The registration deadline is 20 December. Over twenty academic papers reflecting on European education policy will be presented at the meeting, which will launch an ongoing interdisciplinary discussion on this emerging policy domain. Participants will be able to deepen their understanding of the European education agenda, the actors and processes involved, and explore the implications of recent developments for education policy research. Full details are available on the European Education Policy Network website (see direct link below).

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