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Destination Europe: Your Research & Innovation Opportunities, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (20 January 2012)

22 December 2011

This Conference is the first of a series of events planned for the USA and has been organized by the European Commission and the European Research Council, in consultation with EU Member States and the Strategic Forum for International Cooperation.

The organisers outline that Europe has a vibrant and exciting science and technology culture and offers excellent and generous career and funding opportunities for researchers and innovators, no matter where they come from in the world. The objective of this conference is to raise awareness of these opportunities and to promote Europe as a research and innovation destination.
Presentations by high-level speakers, representing major funding organizations and research intensive industries in Europe, will be illustrated by testimonials from researchers who have taken advantage of the opportunities offered to develop their careers in Europe. EUA Secretary General Lesley Wilson will be a chair and moderator at the conference.
The conference will be of particular interest to researchers interested in new options for developing their careers by moving to or returning to Europe. It will be an opportunity to engage in and contribute to the discussion with high-level policy makers, top researchers and business leaders. It will also be an opportunity to network and to exchange experiences with European researchers, with people who have already moved to/ returned to Europe and with major research funding organizations and employers. For European research funders and employers it will be an opportunity to promote the opportunities they offer and to meet prospective applicants.
To find out more please visit the conference website.

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