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Universities UK: briefing information on the Data Protection Regulation (DPR)

29 November 2013

Universities UK (UUK) has drawn attention to ongoing negotiations regarding the Data Protection Regulation (DPR) which it stresses “represents a major reform of the EU legal framework on the protection of personal data”.

As a regulation, the DPR covers the use of personal data in research and UUK notes that the DPR is rapidly going through the co-decision process. The European Parliament has already adopted its amendments and a Council of the EU position is expected for 6 December, it added.

A spokesperson for the International Unit, Universities UK, explained that it and other UK stakeholders have been voicing their concerns over the amendments consistently, and added that European Parliament’s amendments that have now been adopted could have serious implications for  research using personal data, in particular in the area of health.

UUK has been gathering detailed briefing material on the topic for national university associations interested in more information, and invites them to take up this issue in their own national context before the Council of the EU takes its position.

Please contact Lisa Bungeroth at the International Unit, Universities UK, on for further information and briefing material.

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