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CRUI: A new higher education research and information hub

23 February 2017

The CRUI (Conference of Italian University Rectors) Foundation recently launched the Higher Education Research (HERe) website aimed at promoting new research perspectives on higher education.

Through this initiative, the CRUI Foundation aims to build a research information hub on higher education for the international academic community, particularly for key actors in university governance. The HERe research team, whose current composition is available on the site, is rapidly growing thanks to its international partners. 

The section on research themes and numbers provides a slide repository and an updated collection of interactive summaries showing the results of research activities and key international research projects in higher education. Moreover, the website provides a collection of the latest international news from the higher education sector.

Users can also take advantage of the data periodically collected on Italian universities to create their own presentations and read the annual report on the latest trends in university systems both at the national and international level.

HERe also provides an “on demand” university profiling service aimed at supporting university top management in identifying their positioning, goals and best practices so as to develop their own strategies.

To access the HERe website, it is necessary to first sign up.

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