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European Alliance for SSH invites new members to join

17 May 2017

In 2015, a group of European disciplinary organisations founded the European Alliance for SSH to be a voice for social science and humanities disciplines in science policy. In May 2017, EASSH launches a call to invite new members from universities, research institutes and other research organisations to join the campaign to ensure the continued space for social science and humanities research in European and national programmes.

Why is EASSH needed?

More and more policy makers want to address ‘grand challenges’ or ‘missions’, which demand multidisciplinary approaches to address complex interconnected problems.  Many of these most complex issues are social or have a large social dimension. EASSH was therefore formed to ensure that the ‘social and human dimensions’ are recognised in the design of research policies.

Science and Technology framing of the ‘challenges’ often takes the lead in the designing of research.  But these approaches will not easily provide the range of insights required for such complex issues.  Even where a technological solution is needed, outcomes can be improved by ensuring that the social aspects are addressed. But critically such perspectives need to be part of the process of designing research instruments and policies.

Europe has a large resource of social research invested that spans many generations. Today the strength of social sciences and humanities research in Europe is a comparative advantage – around half of the world’s top 100 faculties of social science and humanities are in the European Union.

The SSH research community has proved it can deliver research which is both world-class and highly relevant for policy makers, methodologically robust and with high social impact.  SSH perspectives are fundamental to understand ourselves, as human beings and societies.

EASSH aims to encourage and sustain public and private investment in the SSH research base in Europe.

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