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Council of Europe/Lisbon Recognition Convention: A new Recommendation on the Recognition of Qualifications of Refugees in the European Region

23 November 2017

The Committee of the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (Lisbon Recognition Convention) adopted a new Recommendation on Recognition of Qualifications held by Refugees, Displaced Persons and Persons in a Refugee-like Situation during an Extraordinary Session held on 14 November in Strasbourg.

This Recommendation will help States implement Article VII of the Convention, by which parties commit to facilitating the recognition of such qualifications even when they cannot be fully documented. The Recommendation DGII/EDU/HE(2017)3 rev and its explanatory Memorandum is available in French, English, Russian and Spanish. The Council of Europe and UNESCO are encouraging state parties, through this new policy document, to take effective measures ensuring that refugees receive fair recognition of their qualifications. 

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