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Science2Society Workshop: Improving Technology Transfer in Europe, 8 June, Polytechnical University of Catalunya

24 May 2018

On June 8, the Center for Innovation and Technology of the Polytechnical University of Catalunya (CIT UPC) will host a workshop on 'Improving technology transfer in Europe', within the framework of the Science2Society (S2S) project. The objective of the event is to provide a space for debate and exchanging experiences in technology transfer, through the pilot projects that are being developed in S2S.

The event will begin with an introduction by Jordi Berenguer, Vice Chancellor of Knowledge Transfer and Innovation at UPC. Throughout the day, the results of three pilots from Science2Society will be presented: Co-location ("Establishing industry innovation labs within universities") led by UPC and CA Technologies, "Big Research Data Transfer", led by Aalto University and Atos, and "Open Innovation Marketplace", led by Innoget.

President of IASP (the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation), Josep M. Piqué, will also present success factors in technology transfer.

Finally, an interactive session on developing the next generation S2S mechanisms through User Journeys and Megatrends will be led by Bax & Company.

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Please note the workshop will be held in Spanish

About Science2Society

Scientific knowledge developed within research and technology organisations allows for new business opportunities and helps create wellness for European citizens - it plays a key role in the progression of our modern societies. However, bottlenecks can occur, making the technology transfer process from university to industry, not optimal at all.  

The Science2Society project is improving the European Innovation system and allowing our societies to receive the beneficial impact of knowledge, through the analysis of new paradigms; such as Open Innovation and Open Science. This is achieved through the in-depth study of seven schemes: Co-Creation, Co-Location, Collaborative R&D Projects, Intersectoral Staff Mobility, Big Research Data Transfer, University Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Marketplace.

CIT UPC participates in the S2S pilot dedicated to Co-Location, ("Establishing industry innovation labs within universities"), together with CA Technologies.

S2S is made up of 18 partners, among which are major companies such as FIAT, Atos and CA Technologies, and leading European research entities such as KU Leuven, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Aalto University and Fraunhofer.

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