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EUA Platform of Universities contributes to EU policy debate on Infrastructures for Energy Research

16 December 2010

The EU Belgian Presidency held an ESFRI Conference on Infrastructures for Energy Research, ‘ENERI 2010’ on 29-30 November in Brussels. This was the first time an ESFRI (European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures) conference had been devoted to research infrastructure needs in a specific “grand societal challenge”.

In the conference’s Opening Plenary Session, Professor Torbjorn Digernes (Chairman of the EUA European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research, EPUE) followed-up the launch of EPUE at the EU SET-PLAN Conference held earlier in November by addressing the theme “human capacity issues facing energy research infrastructures”.
In his contribution Professor Digernes emphasised that Europe needed to give priority to enhancing education and training capacity in the energy field to ensure that university-trained researchers will be decisive in taking forward cutting-edge science in research infrastructures. He indicated that the establishment of EPUE, comprising of 150 universities, offered the opportunity to mobilise Europe’s universities’ capacities in education, training and innovation in the energy field to help achieve the SET-PLAN and ESFRI policy goals.

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