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First EUIMA Study Visit highlights best practices in implementing full costing

16 December 2010

Earlier this week, the first study visit of the EUIMA – Full Costing project took place at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. The University of Coimbra was selected to host the event to share, together with other experienced universities, its extensive expertise on the implementation of full costing with participants from across Europe.

The study visit brought together over 40 university leaders and managers from more than 20 different countries. During the two and a half day study visit, participants gained detailed and practical insights on how to implement full costing, while at the same time sharing their own experiences with other participants and experts.

The event offered a comprehensive overview of key issues related to the implementation of full costing, focusing both on strategic and operational aspects of the process. One of the main messages highlighted by The University of Coimbra demonstrated that a major success factor was the commitment of the university’s leadership, which was essential in driving this difficult change process as well as in applying a strategic use of full costing in the management of the university.

To highlight the diversity of approaches to implementing full costing, the universities of Lisbon, Porto and Aveiro also contributed with their experiences. This provided comparative input for other participants, and will help promote collaboration to develop a more coordinated approach to full costing within Portugal.

International experts’ contributions complemented the diversity of existing approaches, methods and practices of implementing full costing around Europe. This enabled participants to identify a variety of approaches and start building networks, which will allow them to share experience with other institutions within their countries and networks.

More information about this and future study visits will be available on the EUIMA – Full Costing project website.

A short video of the Coimbra Study Visit (in Portuguese) can be viewed here.

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