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EUA Council for Doctoral Education announces new Chair and Steering Committee

14 December 2011

The European University Association (EUA) is pleased to announce that its board has elected five new members for the Steering Committee of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE), including a new Chair, Professor David Gani (Deputy Principal, University of Strathclyde, UK).

Photo: Professor David Gani, University of StrathclydeProfessor Gani takes over the role of Chair from Professor Jean Chambaz (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) who has held this post since EUA-CDE was created in 2008.

“The selection process has been very challenging”, says EUA Secretary General Lesley Wilson, “we have had 46 applications from 19 different countries, and the candidates were of an astounding quality. We interpret this interest as recognition of the leading role that EUA-CDE plays in shaping the future of doctoral education, and we are excited to have been able to put together such an excellent and diverse team.”

“I am delighted to be joining the EUA Council for Doctoral Education as Chair of the Steering Committee,” says Professor David Gani. “The appointment will allow me to fulfil my own passionate ambitions of raising the quality and support mechanisms for doctoral training and early career researchers on a broader European platform”, he says, adding that “researcher development, lies at the core of European aspirations to raise its competitiveness”.

With 207 members in 36 countries, EUA-CDE is the largest and most comprehensive organisation dedicated to doctoral education in Europe. It organises events for universities to develop professional management of doctoral education, promotes best practices and engages in a continuous dialogue with other stakeholders. The Steering Committee is responsible for developing these activities as well as representing EUA-CDE in Europe and beyond.

The composition of the Steering Committee is:

  • Chair: David Gani, Deputy Principal for External Affairs & Advancement, University of Strathclyde (new member)
  • M. Teresa Anguera, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Science Policy, University of Barcelona (new member)
  • Lucienne Blessing, Vice-Rector for Research, University of Luxembourg (new member)
  • Frank Bremmer, Vice-Rector for Research, University of Marburg (new member)
  • Melita Kovacevic, Vice-Rector for Science and Technology, University of Zagreb
  • Mary McNamara, Head of Graduate Research Programmes, Dublin Institute of Technology (new member)
  • Berit Rokne, Deputy Rector, University of Bergen
  • Giuseppe Silvestri, former Rector, University of Palermo (ex-officio EUA Board)

Photo: Professor David Gani, University of Strathclyde

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