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European Council adopts Conclusions on Gender Equality and Research Integrity

03 December 2015

The EU Competitiveness Council adopted on 1 December 2015 Conclusions on Gender Equality and Research Integrity. Both topics are considered to be top priorities in the research and innovation domain of the current Luxembourg Presidency of the Council that will end on 31 December 2015.

As a dedicated member of the European Research Area (ERA) stakeholder’s platform, EUA welcomes the Council’s commitment to enhance gender equality in the ERA. Measures such as fostering cultural and institutional changes, providing incentives to research funding and performing organisations, calling for transparency in recruitment and career progression, supporting family-friendly working conditions as well as setting up guiding targets for better gender balance in decision making bodies to achieve gender equality, are all laudable, yet still challenging for the advancement of gender mainstreaming in academia.

EUA also welcomes the Council’s Conclusions on Research Integrity. The central principles of research integrity, particularly honesty, reliability, objectivity and impartiality, are indeed “the foundation of high quality research” and “a prerequisite for achieving excellence in research and innovation”, as the Council emphasised. This is a first step in a very important discussion to be taken at the European, national and institutional levels, and EUA looks forward to taking these issues further in a continuous dialogue with its members and with all relevant stakeholders.

The Conclusions of the Council coincide with an extensive report by Science Europe on the same topic arguing how research integrity fosters trust within science and society, increasing the quality and acceptance of research.

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