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Bologna Process 2015-2018: BFUG working groups kick off

14 January 2016

The year 2015 saw the beginning of the new phase of the Bologna Process (2015-2018). After the Ministerial Meeting in Yerevan, Armenia in May 2015, the first appointment of the Bologna Follow-up Group (BFUG) took place in Luxembourg on 8-9 September where an agreement on the Work Programme was reached.

It will be taken forward by three working groups (WG): WG1 Monitoring will be responsible for data collection and the preparation of the next Bologna Implementation Report. WG2 will explore how to advance the implementation of the agreed Bologna reforms. WG3 will focus on new goals of the process announced in the Yerevan Communiqué, including innovation in learning and teaching. 

In addition there are four smaller advisory groups (AG) with more specific tasks: AG1 will develop approaches based on the European Higher Education Area’s (EHEA) international exchange and cooperation, including advice on how to organise the 2018 Bologna Policy Forum where countries from outside the EHEA will be invited. AG2 will support Belarus, which joined the Bologna Process in 2015, in catching up with reform implementation. AG3 will explore how to ensure that all countries reach an appropriate level of reform implementation. AG4 will develop a proposal for the revision of the Diploma Supplement, which is owned by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. 

EUA has joined all groups with the exception of AG2 and AG3. All WGs and AGs are scheduled to hold their first meetings in January and February. 

Further information including the dates and venues are available on the EHEA website.

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