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Supporting scholars from Turkey

12 January 2017

On 6 January 2017, Turkish authorities issued another decree resulting in the dismissal of more than 8000 public employees, among them 631 academics and 155 higher education administrative personnel accused of being linked to the coup attempt that took place on 15 July 2016.

According to EUA affiliate Scholars at Risk (SAR), this brings the total number of higher education personnel dismissed since the July events to 5583. 

The decree also calls for the persons dismissed to be banned for life from employment as civil servants, their passports cancelled, and their right to public housing to be taken away. SAR is currently looking for institutions interested in hosting threatened scholars, including those from Turkey. 

Please click here  for a table with summary information on scholars seeking temporary academic positions. For more information on the candidates seeking assistance, or to join the SAR network, please contact the SAR office.

To learn more about SAR’s work on supporting scholars in Turkey, please click here.

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