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Newly-updated EUA Refugees Welcome Map – one year of support for refugee students and researchers

06 February 2017

Since its launch in December 2015, EUA’s Refugees Welcome Map Campaign has collected almost 250 initiatives from higher education institutions and related organisations in 31 countries. After one year of success, EUA is pleased to announce that it has recently updated the Map with the support of the inHERE project (Higher Education Supporting Refugees in Europe).

map2017In a new version, the Map continues to collect information from institutions supporting refugee students and researchers through a short survey. It now includes follow up questions to examine the impact of initiatives with the aim of identifying good practices. EUA would like to thank contributors for showcasing their commitment in welcoming refugees, and renew its call for submission of initiatives.

Initially many of the submissions were focused on ad-hoc support, charitable activities and the general facilitation of access to higher education, such as the provision of language and bridging courses. On the policy level, the recognition of qualifications held by refugees emerged as a major challenge early on, and in a range of cases higher education institutions became active in supporting policy change through collaboration with national authorities and recognition agencies - for example in projects on the revision of national recognition structures to fast-track refugees into education and employment.  

Over the past year, a small but increasing number of university initiatives has emerged that focus on the long-term integration of refugees into higher education, responding to their specific needs and the challenges they may face when accessing and progressing through higher education.

This may include a range of features, such as targeted outreach, guidance and recruitment, specific teaching and learning approaches and targeted services for refugee students and researchers. At some institutions, these are part of broader strategies for widening access, social inclusion and diversity management.

The EUA Refugees Welcome Map continuously collects data and existing submissionsinHERE_logo_high res can be updated. EUA will use the data to identify common challenges and derive transferable good practice approaches to the long-term sustainable integration of refugees into higher education. This data will be disseminated through the inHERE  project as of mid-2017 in a range of materials and training events for university staff.

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