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EFFECT academic staff development workshop addresses inclusion and citizenship skills

23 March 2017

Inclusion and citizenship skills as grand challenges for academic staff development was the subject of a workshop at Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary on 20 March 2017.

EUA_Logo_Effect_04_16The event, hosted by the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference and implemented jointly with colleagues from the Higher Education Academy (UK), University of Porto, and University of Eastern Finland, is part of a series under physical and virtual workshops under the EUA-led EFFECT (European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching) project.

More than 30 people participated in the event, including academic staff members from different Hungarian higher education institutions and students. The workshop series follows a “changed laboratory” methodology in which participants receive a set of mirror data in the form of testimonials on inclusion and citizenship education. They then reflect on situations that could potentially happen in their classrooms. These data serve as a departure point for group discussions aimed to outline challenges academic teaching staff is facing and to devise possible responses.   

The Budapest workshop benefited from the outputs of the first EFFECT academic staff development workshop organised at the University of Porto in Portugal on 31 January. The outputs of the Budapest workshop will further feed into a third workshop to be organised at the University of Eastern Finland, in August. A fourth and final workshop will be organised in Paris on 27 September, back to back with the first EUA European Learning & Teaching Forum. Lessons learnt from this series of workshops will also be analysed in a broader EFFECT Feasibility Study on European collaboration in the field of learning and teaching, to be issued in autumn 2018. 

More information about EFFECT can be found on the project webpage.

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