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EUA responds to EU Consultation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning

01 June 2017

EUA has responded to the European Commission’s consultation for reviewing the EU Framework of Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. The Framework was set up following a recommendation in 2006, after substantial discussion on lifelong learning. A revision was already overdue due to schedule, but also due to a decade of rapid social and technological changes.

EUA considers the consultation as an opportunity to take stock of the practical experience achieved with the Framework so far, and to consider the changes that it may require. In particular, beyond skills and skills provision, the concept of lifelong learning would have to be revisited, given also social and technological changes. EUA believes that LLL has to remain a priority for European society, and its education sectors.     

In its response to the consultation, EUA also emphasised the importance of transversal competences. In most cases, institutions do not prepare graduates only for specific careers with a specific set of skills, but for a large diversity of career paths, which enable them to contribute widely to society. Critical skills, such as active citizenship skills, a critical mindset, openness, tolerance, and engagement, are at the heart of academic education. In line with the Council of Europe, EUA has argued continuously that higher education does not only serve employment, but also personal development, active citizenship, and the advancement of knowledge. It recommended also to emphasise, in addition to mathematics, science and technology skills, “competences deriving from political, social, and economics education” and also “research and other curiosity driven learning approaches”. 

The European Commission expects to publish a revised Framework for Key Competences in Lifelong Learning in the final quarter of 2017.

EUA’s full response to the consultation can be read here

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