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Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project - Russia opens its doors wide for international students

01 December 2017

Students from all over the globe can now study for free at Master’s level programs thanks to Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project that has just been launched by the Russian Association “Global Universities”. The deadline for students’ applications is December 30, 2017.

open doors russian scholarship projectIn recent years, Russian higher education institutions have made a step forward in opening up to the international community. Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project is the next big step towards internationalization. This international competition gives students from all over the world a unique opportunity to enroll in a Master’s program in Russia without entrance exams. Entrants can choose among more than 500 universities in 80 Russian cities, from Kaliningrad to Siberia and the Far East. Winners of the competition will enjoy early admission and tuition-free education in a university of their liking. The competition is open to all foreign citizens, as well as Russian citizens permanently living abroad, who already have a Bachelor’s degree or are completing their Bachelor’s education in 2018. The competition is conducted entirely online.

To win a place in a coveted university, a prospective student should register on the project's website and pass two rounds of selection. The first, qualifying, round is a portfolio contest. Entrants should upload their portfolios online via the project's platform from December 1 to December 30, 2017. Those who have successfully passed the portfolio contest are invited to the final round - an online test that will be available from January 25 to February 6, 2018. The results of the competition will be announced on February 20 on the project's website. The languages of the competition as well as the languages of instruction are Russian and English.

This year, the competition is held in four subject areas: Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, and Physics. Winners of the contest can select any program track within a subject area of their choice, and then apply to one or several Russian universities that have educational programs corresponding with the track that interests them. Each subject area of the competition is supervised by one of the prominent Russian universities. For example, Mathematics is curated by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology that taught ten Nobel laureates; ITMO University (St. Petersburg), an alma-mater to world programming champions, is in charge of Computer Science; the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhi, Moscow) supervises Physics, and Economics is taken care of by the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). The project is held with the support of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Rossotrudnichestvo Federal Agency.

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