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Call for Chapters: Open and Social Learning in Impact Communities and Smart Territories, University of Aveiro

05 January 2018

LĂ­dia Oliveira & Ana Melro, DigiMedia - Digital Media and Interaction (CIC.Digital), Department of Communication and Art, University of Aveiro, Portugal are in the process of editing a forthcoming publication. The publication, entitled "Open and Social Learning in Impact Communities and Smart Territories" is to be published by IGI Global, an international publisher of progressive academic research. The Call for Chapters is open and full chapters can be submitted for consideration in this publication until January, 25 2018.

Nowadays, Social Innovation is an area where more and more academics and practitioners dedicate themselves and dedicate their interest. The development of the area has been such that it has moved on to a new phase of creation of Impact Communities, spaces where local people gather together to contribute to the territory development. 

What are the strategies for creating, managing and disseminating knowledge in/of Impact Communities? What are the strategies of internal transfer of knowledge? How do territories benefit from this knowledge, by becoming Smart Territories as a result? What role for Media and Information and Communication Technologies?

The publication aims to reflect on the several formats, goals, actors and tools Impact Communities may assume, including its effectiveness on the Society transformation, and qualification as Smart Territory (which may be rural or urban). This publication will also contribute to the knowledge on the concept of Impact Communities, which is a recent study field.

The main context will be in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. However, because of the high connection between fields, it will be of great importance for the Management, Educational and Communication fields. In universities, but also in informal contexts of learning, such as innovation and collaboration hubs.

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