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Action Plan: Follow-up and Monitoring of the EU – CELAC Academic and Knowledge Summit

22 March 2018

The member organisations of the Organising Committee of the EU-CELAC Academic and Knowledge Summit, including the European University Association and the EU-CELAC University Council, have developed and agreed on the Action Plan that will guide the implementation of priorities identified in the San Salvador Declaration. The Declaration was adopted in the context of the EU-CELAC Academic and Knowledge Summit at the University of El Salvador on 5-6 October 2017, and was a cornerstone in the bi-lateral process promoting scientific and academic cooperation between Europe and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

The Action Plan proposes the basic principles by which the San Salvador Declaration should be implemented, how specific projects and initiatives will contribute to its implementation, and the mechanisms and actors for driving the implementation as well as the possibilities for funding.

The overall design of the Action Plan aims at underpinning the consolidation of the EU-CELAC Higher Education, Research and Innovation Area, by strengthening relations both within the LAC associations and networks, and on the European side, including further involvement of EUA. For instance, by participating as an appointed member in the European Commission’s High-Level Multi-Stakeholder platform on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), EUA will emphasise possible contributions of the EU-CELAC commitments towards the achievement of the SDGs set by the United Nations.

The Action Plan outlines concrete steps for the next two years (October 2017- October 2019), in the run-up to the next EU-CELAC Academic and Knowledge Summit. This section of the Action Plan lists key actions to be initiated in several broad working areas, e.g. academic cooperation, research mobility, quality assurance, and recognition of qualifications and curricula.

The Observatory of Relations between the EU and Latin America (OBREAL) will coordinate and execute the operational implementation of the San Salvador Declaration objectives, while the monitoring of the Action Plan will be conducted via the Organising Committee along with the EU-CELAC University Council, in cooperation with EU-LAC Foundation.

Find in the Action Plan further details about tools and frameworks to advance the EU-CELAC Higher Education, Research and Innovation Area.

On 23 March, EUA responded to a European Commission consultation on the Joint Communication: "The European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean: A renewed partnership". In the Communication, the EU calls for “strategic and better focused association, targeting areas where the EU can deliver, which are of joint interest for both regions.” In its response, EUA builds on the considerable experience and knowledge it has gathered in recent decades during its work in the region, including its input to the Action Plan. It highlights how higher education and research have the potential to open dialogue and collaboration on a wide range of themes and challenges, at different levels and between different institutions and organisations. It also outlines how this creates sustainable benefits, not only for higher education systems, but for societies at large in both regions.

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