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EUA/HEA webinar on inclusivity and citizenship skills, 15 May – 13.00 CEST

12 April 2018

The webinar is part of a range of measures developed to enhance pedagogical staff development (training) and institutional approaches to facilitate such development. It has been designed for teaching staff in higher education and is also relevant to any other staff or students with an interest in inclusivity and citizenship, or social learning models.

This webinar explores new ways of using social theories of learning, in particular adapting Engestrom’s ‘Change Laboratory’ approach to address inclusivity and citizenship in the context of increasingly diverse student and staff communities (principles 1 and 5  of the European Principles for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching).

The session will be highly interactive and will help attendees recognise ‘the problem’ even when the issues are not ‘hot topics’ for them. The starting point for the online discussions will be stimulus ‘mirror’ data, extracted from students and staff feedback, video material and scenarios drafted from sometimes surprising contributions to earlier face-to-face workshops.

The webinar is the online adaptation of a series of four face-to-face workshops on inclusivity and citizenship in higher education and is developed as part of the European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching (EFFECT) project, which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

Register now on the Higher Education Academy website. 

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