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Networks and collaboration: The New European transnational education? 29 June, London

13 June 2018

A one-day workshop to explore “new” transnational education models in Europe, organized by Universities UK

Amid the uncertainty of Brexit negotiations, some organisations have looked to transnational education (TNE) as a way of quelling fears about the opportunities to engage with Europe after the UK leaves the EU. Some have heralded TNE as a means to hedge against risks of exclusion from research programmes and ensure that universities can continue to reach a wide European student population, and increase staff and student mobility.

This one-day workshop will explore models that can be scaled up for a “new” TNE in Europe, and ways to shore up existing TNE. Proposals for networks and greater collaboration will be mooted, legal insight sought, case studies shared, and the story so far about the opportunities that will remain/develop as negotiations become clearer.


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