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    There is no doubt that Erasmus+ offers an excellent range of opportunities for students and staff to broaden their international experience. Key Action 1, in particular, provides a fantastic variety of flexible activities, leading to useful and diverse outcomes. In particular, University College London (UCL) has welcomed the improved support for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds and is pleased to see that their participation has risen steadily, albeit gently, over the past few years. The Online Linguistic Support tool is another great innovation, supporting language learning for student participants prior to and during mobility; often a key concern of British students considering studying abroad.

    Erasmus+ as the successor of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) brings a major contribution to universities like the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and has improved the implementation of activities in the areas of education, training, youth, language and sports. The merging of different LLP sub-programmes and the structuring into three basic Key Actions has further streamlined the European Commission’s education policy.

    The 11th European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) is underway in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Co-hosted by the Slovenian Student Union and the University of Ljubljana, the event has gathered more than 400 participants to discuss current issues in quality assurance under the theme “Quality in context – embedding improvement.”

    EUA welcomes the European Commission’s (EC) recent proposal for a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market, yet stresses the need for further clarification and dialogue to make European copyright efficient, future-proof and innovation-friendly.

    At its meeting on 10 November 2016, the EUA Research Policy Working Group (RPWG), chaired by EUA Vice-President Professor David Drewry, welcomed the Chair of the European Commission (EC) High-Level Group “Scientific Advice Mechanism” (HLG SAM), Professor Henrik C. Wegener, as guest speaker.

    Time is running out to complete the USTREAM survey on efficient university management. Addressed to a broad range of universities, with or without experience in efficiency in the university context, the online survey will be open until 7 December 2016.

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