Newsletter 10 2017
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EUA Newsletter 10 - 19/05/2017

Doing more together for the future of Europe - an editorial from EUA President Rolf Tarrach

On 9 May, EUA President Rolf Tarrach published an editorial outlining what the future of Europe could look like from the Universities perspective.

Europe’s universities want to do much more together. This is the essence of a discussion I chaired recently between the European National Rectors’ Conferences (the national associations of universities). The debate was generated by the European Commission’s White Paper on the Future of Europe discussing the European project after its 60 years’ anniversary and – importantly – after Brexit.

I welcome the White Paper as it stimulates debate, but it assumes that integration is only a matter for the European Union institutions. A true discussion on the future of Europe needs to take civil society into account. Europe’s civil society is not an appendage to the institutions; it is a vital, independent partner. Civil society facilitates concrete dialogue and citizen integration within the unique framework that the EU provides.

The university sector serves as a good example: universities have benefited immensely from European integration; making it possible to work together through a multilateral framework for research collaboration thanks to the research Framework Programmes and a common model for student mobility thanks to Erasmus.

However, carrying on at the present level is not sufficient: existing programmes are critically under-funded and the European Research Area European Research Area under-prioritised. This low level of ambition is not enough for the university sector. If we want an inclusive, prosperous and competitive Europe, the EUneeds to give research, education, and innovation a clear role and mission.

Universities should be able to develop their own European agenda while the institutions act as rule makers and facilitators for a bottom-up approach. We want to do much more together, but we need to be able to do so on our own terms.

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This editorial was first published in the Parliament Magazine website on 9 May 2017. 


Open Science: EUA discusses the future of scientific publishing, open research data and alternative metrics

The EUA High-Level Group on “big deals” with scientific publishers and the Expert Group on Science 2.0/Open Science met in Brussels on 4 and 5 May 2017 to discuss the future of scientific publishing, open research data and alternative metrics.
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Participate in the European Commission’s public consultation on Erasmus+ - last days

The Open Public Consultation on the mid-term evaluation of the Erasmus+ Programme, carried out by the European Commission, will end on 31 May 2017. This consultation invites various stakeholders as well as the general public to reflect on the relevance of the Erasmus+ programme, including its objectives, the effectiveness of measures taken to achieve them, and the efficiency of their implementation.
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EQUIP project focus groups explore QA challenges

Over the past three months, the EQUIP project, of which EUA is a partner, has held a series of focus groups for a variety of higher education stakeholders in order to explore their different perceptions of quality assurance and to decide how to approach some of the current challenges.
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Current situation in the Turkish Higher Education sector

EUA has expressed in several occasions its concerns regarding the measures taken in Turkey since the attempted coup in July 2016 and keeps monitoring the evolution of the situation for the higher education sector.
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Register now for the Institutional Evaluation Programme in 2017-18

The registration period for EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme is open until 30 June 2017. IEP is an EQAR-listed quality assurance agency which offers comprehensive, improvement-oriented institutional evaluations conducted by a team of experienced higher education leaders. Since its establishment in 1994, IEP has carried out more than 400 evaluations of diverse higher education institutions in Europe and worldwide. 
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Last chance to register for the EUA-CDE Annual Meeting on digitalisation in doctoral education (15-16 June 2017, Tallinn)

The deadline for registration to participate in the 10th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting, ‘Digitalisation: A game changer for doctoral education?’ is fast-approaching, with registrations closing on 31 May 2017.The event will take place on 15-16 June 2017 in Estonia and will be hosted by Tallinn University.
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EUA Webinar: "Brexit. What will it mean for universities?" (7 June 2017)

A year after the referendum in the UK to leave the European Union, the negotiations for the withdrawal are about to begin. Within the next two years, the UK and the rest of the EU member states will have to find out what their future relationship will look like. Register now as places are limited.
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Erasmus+ Mid-Term Review: EUA’s Recommendations for the 2020 Programme
5th UNI-SET Energy Clustering Event
KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
31 May - 2 June

USTREAM peer learning seminar: Policy frameworks for efficiency and effectiveness
Universities UK, London, United Kingdom
1 - 2 June

EUA Webinar: "Brexit. What will it mean for universities?"
7 June

10th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting
Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia
15 - 16 June
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