EUA Newsletter 3 | 10/2/2017
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EUA’s recommendations for the future Erasmus+ Programme

As a contribution to the ongoing mid-term evaluation of the Erasmus+ Programme (2014-2020), the “EUA member consultation: A contribution to the Erasmus+ mid-term review” found that the Programme has brought a number of improvements compared to its predecessors. However, the report also highlights areas for improvement, for which EUA proposes 10 recommendations for enhancing Erasmus+ in 2020 and beyond.

e+ coverThe EUA member consultation report clearly underlines that that the Erasmus+ Programme is of high importance for the European higher education community. Yet, the success of the programme is not matched by funding. In addition, the goal of simplification has not always been reached, and, even on the contrary, for some actions the level of bureaucracy has increased – resulting in a higher workload and additional costs for all parties. The combination of bureaucratic burden and low success rates increases the risk that despite the relatively high participation numbers, parts of the sector may disengage and orientate themselves elsewhere. 

EUA’s Recommendations for the 2020 Programme take into consideration the lessons learnt from the first years of implementation. They focus on enhancing the quality of outcomes, but also on ensuring the engagement and the satisfaction of all stakeholders. 

The upcoming EUA webinar on 22 February 2017 at 14:00 CET will feature a discussion on the recommendations with representatives of the EC Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) as well as other higher education stakeholders.

Policy and Projects News

Newly-updated EUA Refugees Welcome Map – one year of support for refugee students and researchers 

Since its launch in December 2015, EUA’s Refugees Welcome Map Campaign has collected almost 250 initiatives from higher education institutions and related organisations in 31 countries. After one year of success, EUA is pleased to announce that it has recently updated the Map with the support of the inHERE project (Higher Education Supporting Refugees in Europe).
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EUA statement against Trump’s travel ban receives wide support

EUA issued a statement on 30 January 2017 calling on US President Donald Trump to rethink or recall a controversial executive order that immediately and unnecessary affected the movement of international researchers, university faculty and students from seven Muslim-majority countries.
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After a turbulent year, EUA sets key priorities for 2017-2019

2016 was a stormy year, and the blows can be felt clearly in the university world. The dynamics of Brexit, the Trump presidency, and growing nationalism will continue to be present in the time to come. Therefore, EUA will work to retain the strong community of Europe’s universities and enhance the role of its members as key societal actors under the motto of the Association: “Strong Universities for Europe”.
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Inclusion and citizenship skills: High priorities for academic staff development

Does higher education teaching pay sufficient attention to citizenship and social inclusion? And, what exactly are the challenges that academics and students face in addressing these topics? This was the theme of the first public event of the “European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching” (EFFECT) project, which took place at the University of Porto on 31 January 2017.
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EUA pushes for further change in EU Copyright Reform

EUA has updated its response to the European Commission’s proposal for a directive on copyright to further underline the importance of an EU copyright reform that truly supports the needs of research, innovation and education in the digital age at universities and beyond.
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EUA Council approves new members

On the occasion of the EUA Council meeting held in Brussels on 27 January 2017, the Association approved nine new membership applications and one request for affiliate status.
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LinkedIn: Join EUA groups on Doctoral Education and Learning & Teaching 

EUA has two new groups on LinkedIn. One is dedicated to the members of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education, the European voice for doctoral education and research training. The other group is linked to EUA’s new Learning & Teaching Initiative. Focusing on the enhancement of learning and teaching in Europe, the group aims to engage with university communities, those working on learning and teaching at the institutional level, and dedicated networks and organisations.

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Events News

Early-bird registration deadline approaching for EUA Annual Conference

Home (Copyright Bergen Reiselivslag Robin Strand - your early-bird fee by registering now for EUA’s Annual Conference 2017 “Autonomy and freedom: The future sustainability of universities.” After 28 February the late registration fee will apply. This year’s Annual Conference, hosted by the University of Bergen in Norway and scheduled for 6 and 7 April 2017, will feature the launch of a full-scale update of the Autonomy Scorecard. 
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Members and Partners News

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