The FRINDOC project is managed by a consortium of six partners, coordinated by EUA, and consisting of the University of Hong Kong, Stellenbosch University, Imperial College London, the University of Bergen and the University of Camerino.

Increased mobility and international cooperation are important steps in the integration of the EHEA and ERA, which will make Europe fully utilise its potential for education and research as well as serve as a means to build research capacity and develop strong institutions. With doctoral candidates being one of, if not the, most mobile group within universities, the strategic importance of doctoral education in successfully implementing visions for internationalisation is very high. Successful internationalisation of doctoral education strengthens research, teaching and international outreach of universities. It is hence essential that universities have access to the information and resources necessary to implement their internationalisation strategies for doctoral education.

Project objectives

FRINDOC aims at providing a comprehensive overview of good practices and valuable experiences for universities. The project will develop a framework containing a statement of good practice on internationalisation and an online tool for universities to aid planning and implementation of internationalisation strategies for doctoral education. It will be a comprehensive strategic tool for planning, promoting and supporting mobility in doctoral programmes enabling universities to attain a united picture of strategic goals, capacity and possibilities to implement the right structures for their particular profile.


EUA welcomes all universities who wish to plan and implement an effective strategy for their doctoral education to use the tool, which is available online and for free at:

Project methodology

The project partners will seek to achieve the stated objectives by designing a template online tool and launching an open call for universities to participate in a pilot group and contribute to the finalisation of the tool template. Seminars will be organised for the pilot group to explain the process and critically evaluate the proposed tool. Based on this consultation process, the tool will be refined and a statement of good practice will accompany the launch of the final version.

Possibilities for members to be active

The primary target group of the project is managers of doctoral education in universities and research-intensive institutions.

A pilot group of universities will help to test and develop the tool. The launch conference is scheduled to take place in London in autumn 2015 and will be open to EUA members.


If you have questions or require further information on the FRINDOC project, please contact Francesca Maltauro.

This project is carried out with the support of the Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Commission.


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