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Internationalisation Handbook (2009-2011)

Internationalisation of European Higher Education

Approaching the issue of internationalisation from an institutional perspective, and specifically designed as a source of information and references, this handbook will be a valuable tool for any higher education institution. The handbook is published as a loose-leaf edition consisting of a basic edition and regular supplements (hard copy plus CD-ROM), all collected in a ring folder.

The Handbook - published by Raabe Academic publishers - also has a dedicated website that is designed to inform you about the contents, authors and editors of the handbook. Moreover, it will provide you, as a subscriber, with free access to an electronic version of the articles written in the handbook – among other things.

It is a“must have” for those involved in developing and implementing internationalisation strategies and measures, including university executives and international office managers. It will also be an invaluable source of references for a larger group of policy makers interested in the internationalisation issue in the wider European context.

The handbook focuses on the practical and operational issues of relevance to European higher education, placing them in the context of global developments and overarching policy processes. In addition, it will facilitate the discussion regarding the goals of internationalisation at the institutional level and their implementation.

The authors are leading practitioners and experts from the respective fields. For a complete list and more details, please click here

As of 2011, the Internationalisation Handbook continues to be published by Raabe publishers however with new editors.

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