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The Quality Culture project methodology


The innovative and dynamic working method for this project is grounded in EUA's philosophy. As a pan-European association representing a variety of institutions in numerous national settings, EUA's activities have repeatedly demonstrated the benefit of mutual learning in the context of European diversity. Both the highest and the lowest resourced institutions can learn from one another in meaningful ways.

Participants were invited to conduct a SWOT analysis of their institution and to develop action plans based on these analyses. Every work phase was discussed (i) in each participating university to ensure the widest engagement possible of the community and (ii) within the networks to receive advice and gain inspiration from the activities of partner institutions. Thus, the successive small network meetings, building upon another, generate good group dynamics that were maintained through sustained email exchanges within and across networks.

Selection and structure of participating institutions

Based on the individual call for proposals, six ad-hoc networks of six to seven universities were put together by EUA. Each network included:

  • a group of universities with a continuum of expertise in the area of quality culture;
  • geographical diversity;
  • a mixture of institutional size and type;
  • a particular theme (networks are formed around the expressed interest of institutions to the proposed themes).

The networks were coordinated by a lead expert nominated by the coordinating university.

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