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Quality Culture Project - Round III (2005)


This round of the Quality Culture Project complemented the findings of the two preceding rounds by identifying additional success factors for developing and embedding of a quality culture in institutions.

The conclusions from this round also illustrate a notable shift in focus for the definitions of quality. While in the first round most of the networks tended to view quality in the outputs perspective – and defined quality mostly as fitness for purpose – the third round, in contrast, tended to see quality in the process perspective.

It is interesting to note that third round participants put most emphasis on the involvement and participation in the strategic process of all groups in the institution, especially that of external stakeholders. Stakeholder involvement was also discussed in the first two rounds; greater emphasis, however, was placed upon aspects related to the substance and the follow-up of the strategy.

Moreover, the third round put a special emphasis on the importance and value of involving alumni. The main areas where alumni involvement could be beneficial are partnerships with industry and advice on redesigning study programmes and courses as well as services.

"Quality Culture in European Universities: A Bottom-Up Approach"
This final project report encompasses all three rounds of this EUA project, it examines how to define and introduce quality culture, highlights examples of good practice and an assessment of the impact of the project.


For the third round of the project EUA selected 44 institutions from 23 European countries and grouped the in the following themes:

  • 1. Research Strategy and Industrial Partnerships
  • 2. Leadership
  • 3. Implementing Bologna Reforms
  • 4. Teaching and Learning: Implementing Learning Outcomes
  • 5. Women in Universities: Research, Teaching and Leadership
  • 6. Joint Degrees

List of participating institutions.

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