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Presentations from Camerino Workshop


University of Camerino, Italy

10-11 October 2011

Plenary Session I (Aula Arangio Ruiz, Palazzo Ducale) 

Welcoming remarks:

  • Fulvio Esposito, Rector, University of Camerino
  • Flavio Corradini, Pro Rector for Technology Transfer, University of Camerino


Parallel Groups Session:

Group A:  New Materials and Technologies 1 

University of Chieti-Pescara case: “PhD studies and valorization of the research”
Prof. Mario Bressan, Director Doctoral School, University of Chieti- Pescara, Italy, "PhD studies and valorization of the research"
Dr. Saverio Alberti, Start-up Oncoxx S.r.l, Italy, "Anti-Trop-2 monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy and target diagnosis"
Dr. Simona Tecco, Post doctoral researcher, University of Chieti- Pescara, Italy

University of Camerino case: “Footwear of Excellence: from Laboratory to Showcase”
Prof. Enrico Marcantoni,  Supervisor in the PhD programme in Chemical Sciences, University of Camerino, Italy
Dr. Roberto Fiocchi,  Goldenplast s.p.a.; 2011 Doctoral graduate, University of Camerino, Italy
Gian Carlo Bagaglio,  TPU project manager, Goldenplast s.p.a, Italy

Group B: New Materials and Technologies 2

University College London case. SECReT case (Security Science Doctoral Research Training Centre): “A European model for security research training
Prof. Herve Borrion, Director of the SECReT centre, University College London, UK
Timothy H. Nissen, Doctoral candidate, University College London, UK

University of Perugia Case: “How the doctoral student program plan and University teaching activities interact with research and developmental programs of a European Industrial Company"
Prof. Maurizio Monaci, Supervisor in the PhD programme on Animal Health, Production and Food Safety, University of Perugia, Italy
Claudio Palombi, Doctoral candidate, University of Perugia, Italy
Christophe Rouseré, Responsible of Research and Development, Genes Diffusion, Douai, France

Group C: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biosciences and Health

University of Ferrara Case: "Together to compete"
Prof. Stefano Manfredini, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Italy
Dr. Carmela Napolitano, Doctoral candidate, University of Ferrara, Italy
Dr. Alfredo Paio, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Aptuit (former GSK), Italy

University of Camerino case: “PhD Programme on Malaria and Human Development
Dr. Annette Habluetzel, Coordinator of the PhD Programme on Malaria and Human Development, University of Camerino, Italy
Dr. Roselyne Nzangue Tepongning, 2011 Doctorate graduate, University of Camerino, Italy
Dr. Pascal Launois, Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland 

Final Open Session to Stakeholders

  • Prof. Riccardo Pietrabissa, Politecnico di Milano; President of the Network of Italian Universities for the Valorisation of the Industrial Research (NETVAL), Italy, "From lab to market: the role of PhD for the a more competitive Europe" 
  • Dr. Sara Giannini, Councillor for Industrial Development, Marche Region, Italy
  • Dr. Adolfo Guzzini, President iGUZZINI; Board member of Confindustria Marche, Italy
  • Peter van der Hijden, European Commission

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