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Presentations from Lausanne Workshop


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland
10 December 2010


Introduction to the DOC-CAREERS II Project "Promoting Collaborative Doctoral Education for Enhanced Career Opportunities", Lidia Borrell-Damian

Open Session to Stakeholders, Lidia Borrell-Damian

Doctoral Education at EPFL, Patrick Aebischer

Monitoring the doctoral process, Dr Marc-Olivier André

Collaborative Research: Challenges and Opportunities. A case study from Ghent University. General background and policy perspective, Dr Nele Bracke

EPFL-Industry Partnerships in Doctoral Education: an efficient diversity, Prof. Jacques Giovanola & Dr Verity Elston

Doctoral work between academia and industry, Ch. Hollenstein

Collaborative Research: Challenge sand Opportunities. A case study from Ghent University. Part II: Case study and personal experiences, Mr Koen Janssens

Industry Perspective on Establishing and Monitoring Collaborative Doctoral Thesis, Egbert Lox

Group Session on Employability and Recruitment, Christian Peclat

Combining doctoral education and industrial research: A case study in the healthcare industry, Laurent-Dominique Piveteau

Employment - Recruitability, Michel Rappaz

Promoting Collaborative Doctoral Education for Enhanced Career Opportunities Umeå University Case, Prof. Petter Gustafsson, Dr Kristina Elg Christoffersson, Peter Strunk

Doc Careers at ROLEX - J. Baur

DOC-CAREERS II is a project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) through a Support Action within the 2008 People Work Programme.


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