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Institutional Quality Management

EUA has taken the lead in developing the capacity of higher education institutions to create internal quality processes and foster quality cultures and is an acknowledged expert on these topics. Its work has its roots in two activities. 

  • The Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP), which has been running since 1994 and offers enhancement-led institutional peer reviews to universities across Europe and beyond. The Programme supports universities in developing their strategic leadership and capacity to manage change by evaluating them in the context of their own aims and goals.
  • The Quality Culture project, which took place in 2002-2006, increased the awareness within institutions for the need to develop an internal quality culture, highlighting quality as a shared value and a collective responsibility for all members of an institution.
Since then, a number of further projects have supported institutions in developing their internal quality assurance systems and quality cultures. Most recently, these have included:
  • Empowering universities to fulfil their responsibility for quality assurance (EUREQA, 2012-2016), which is supporting universities in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo in improving their internal quality assurance processes and linking them into a comprehensive, all-encompassing system that leads to the enhancement of quality and the creation of a quality culture.
  • Promoting quality culture in higher education institutions (PQC, 2012-2013) which consisted of a series of trainings with a practical approach to strengthening quality cultures and providing quality managers at universities and staff of QA agencies the opportunity to exchange experiences and build connections for future cooperation at European level.
EUA has also worked on quality assurance at doctoral level through the ARDE project, which looked into how quality is assured and enhanced in European doctoral programmes by gathering information on existing structures, good practice and areas of concern. In 2006, EUA published Guidelines for Quality Enhancement in European Joint Master Programmes, which have become a key reference point for joint programmes in Europe.

Furthermore, EUA co-organises the annual European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF)which brings together quality assurance stakeholders, including institutional QA managers, from across Europe to discuss developments in the area and share good practice.

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