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Prof. Gunnar BovimProfessor Gunnar Bovim became Rector of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2013. He was educated as a medical doctor, graduating as a neurologist with a Candidate of Medicine degree from the University of Bergen in 1985. Professor Bovim completed a PhD in neurology at the University of Trondheim (now NTNU) in 1993 and received the Norwegian Migraine Foundation’s research award the same year.

After serving as Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at NTNU (1996-1998), Professor Bovim became Dean of the Faculty from 1999 to 2005. In this position, he built a reputation as an advocate for the public dissemination of research, and as a mentor for promoting women in science.

He has also served as Vice Chief Executive (2005-2006) and as Chief Executive Officer of St. Olavs Hospital, the University Hospital in Trondheim (2006-2009), and Chief Executive Officer of the Central Norway Regional Health Authority (2009-2013) before assuming the position as NTNU Rector.

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